Century Legend

    • 456

    • Length
    • 2013

    • Built Year
    • 150

    • Crew
    • 398

    • Pax Capacity
    • 2

    • Staterooms
    • 36

    • Suites


Sail Date Operator Ship Departs Returns Length Price
Aug 28, 2017UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$4,699
Sep 01, 2017UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai14$7,299
Sep 03, 2017UniworldCentury LegendBeijingHong Kong18$7,999
Sep 04, 2017UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$5,299
Sep 10, 2017UniworldCentury LegendBeijingHong Kong18$8,149
Sep 11, 2017UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$5,299
Sep 15, 2017UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai14$7,299
Sep 17, 2017UniworldCentury LegendBeijingHong Kong18$8,149
Oct 06, 2017UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai14$7,299
Oct 08, 2017UniworldCentury LegendBeijingHong Kong18$8,149
Oct 09, 2017UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$5,299
Oct 16, 2017UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$5,299
Oct 22, 2017UniworldCentury LegendBeijingHong Kong18$8,099
Oct 23, 2017UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$5,299
Apr 01, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingHong Kong18$7,899
Apr 02, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$4,999
Apr 06, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai14$7,099
Apr 08, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingHong Kong18$7,999
Apr 09, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$5,099
Apr 15, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingHong Kong18$7,999
Apr 16, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$5,099
Apr 20, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai14$7,299
Apr 29, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingHong Kong18$7,999
Apr 30, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$5,399
May 04, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai14$7,299
May 06, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingHong Kong18$8,099
May 07, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$5,399
May 13, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingHong Kong18$8,099
May 14, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$5,399
May 18, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai14$7,299
May 20, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingHong Kong18$8,099
May 21, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$5,399
Jun 04, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$4,899
Jun 10, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingHong Kong18$7,699
Jun 15, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai14$6,999
Jun 18, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$4,899
Jun 29, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai14$6,999
Jul 02, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$4,799
Jul 09, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$4,799
Jul 22, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingHong Kong18$7,699
Jul 23, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$4,799
Aug 05, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingHong Kong18$7,699
Aug 06, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$4,799
Aug 13, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$4,799
Aug 27, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$4,799
Aug 31, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai14$7,499
Sep 02, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingHong Kong18$8,199
Sep 03, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$5,399
Sep 07, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai14$7,499
Sep 09, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingHong Kong18$8,299
Sep 10, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$5,399
Sep 14, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai14$7,499
Sep 16, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingHong Kong18$8,299
Sep 17, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$5,399
Oct 05, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai14$7,499
Oct 07, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingHong Kong18$8,299
Oct 08, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$5,399
Oct 14, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingHong Kong18$8,299
Oct 15, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$5,399
Oct 21, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingHong Kong18$8,299
Oct 22, 2018UniworldCentury LegendBeijingShanghai11$5,399

Ship Information

  • Maiden Voyage: 2013
  • Length: 456
  • Passenger Capacity: 398
  • Normal Crew Size: 150
  • Staterooms: 2
  • Suites: 36


  • Complimentary coffee, tea, and snack in Executive Reception area 24 hours a day
  • Complimentary cocktail reception before dinner
  • Dining in the Executive VIP Restaurant with complimentary wine, beer, and soft drinks served during dinner

Age Restrictions

Guest who are less than 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult who is 21 years of age or older. While we will accept children 4 years of age and older as guests, it is our long-term experience that most children do not enjoy or appreciate the river cruise experience. There are no special arrangements, activities, medical facilities, or accommodations (unless noted) for children on Uniworld cruise/tour programs.  Adult accompanying children are responsible for their behavior onboard and ashore. 


It is Uniworld goal to ensure that the service you receive is as wonderful as the sights you see. While they are customary, gratuities, including the customary end-of-trip gratuity for the tour manager, cruise manager and crew, are not included in the price of your trip. The amount of the gratuity is entirely subject to your satisfaction with your travel experience. 


Category Executive Suite
Square Footage: 301

Category Executive Suite

Executive Suite with private balcony provides every amenity from complimentary Wi-Fi and satellite TV to a cozy sitting area. Sumptuous linens drape your bed. Bathrooms with tubs offer comfy robes, slippers, and fine bath products. Located on the Observation Deck.

Category Presidential Suite
Square Footage: 1140

Category Presidential Suite

Presidential Suite provides every amenity from complimentary Wi-Fi and satellite TV to a cozy sitting area. Sumptuous linens drape your bed. Bathrooms with tubs offer comfy robes, slippers, and fine bath products. Located on the Promenade Deck.

Life on Board

Dining Hall

Dinner is an a la carte menu featuring Western cuisine (except the Captain's farewell Chinese banquet in the main dining area). Located on the Upper Deck.

VIP Restaurant

Dinner in the Executive VIP Restaurant with complimentary wine, beer, and soft drinks served during dinner. Located on the Sun Deck.


If you want to watch movies, there's a Cinema with plenty of seating and big screens to enjoy the show. Located on the Lower Deck.


Enjoy one of your favorite novels or find a new favorite from the many books at the onboard library. Located on the Sun Deck.

Observation Lounge

Sip a glass of wine while you cruise past beautiful landscapes and world-famous landmarks on your way to your next destination. Located on the Observation Deck.

Fitness Center

All-inclusive, state-of-the-art fitness center offers everything you need for a good workout. Located on the Sun Deck.


Discover inner peace and pamper yourself at the spa with a relaxing massage. Located on the Lower Deck.

Swimming Pool

Cool off at the Indoor lap pool with relaxation area and pool bar. Located on the Lower Deck.

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AffordableTours.com is a proud recipient of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) awards 2006-2015.

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