MS Monarch Empress

    • 360

    • Length
    • 2016

    • Built Year
    • 40

    • Crew
    • 144

    • Pax Capacity
    • 8

    • Suites


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Sail Date Operator Ship Departs Returns Length Price
May 22, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest14$4,449
May 25, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest11$3,899
May 27, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressWarsawMunich14$4,449
May 27, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressWarsawPrague17$4,999
May 30, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg11$3,699
May 30, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg14$4,249
Jun 01, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg12$3,949
Jun 15, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg12$3,949
Jun 19, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest12$4,549
Jun 19, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest14$4,849
Jun 22, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest11$4,299
Jun 24, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressWarsawMunich14$4,349
Jun 24, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressWarsawPrague17$4,899
Jun 27, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg11$3,599
Jun 27, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg14$4,099
Jun 29, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg12$3,799
Jul 03, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest12$3,199
Jul 03, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest14$3,499
Jul 06, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest11$2,999
Jul 08, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressWarsawMunich14$4,049
Jul 08, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressWarsawPrague17$4,549
Jul 11, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg11$3,399
Jul 11, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg14$4,049
Jul 13, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg12$3,599
Jul 17, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest12$2,899
Jul 17, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest14$3,199
Jul 20, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest11$2,699
Jul 25, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg11$3,299
Jul 25, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg14$4,449
Jul 27, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg12$3,699
Jul 31, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest12$2,799
Jul 31, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest14$3,099
Aug 03, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest11$2,599
Aug 08, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg11$3,099
Aug 08, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg14$3,499
Aug 10, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg12$3,299
Aug 14, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest12$3,899
Aug 14, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest14$4,199
Aug 17, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest11$3,699
Aug 28, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest12$3,299
Aug 28, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest14$3,599
Aug 31, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest11$3,099
Sep 02, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressWarsawMunich14$4,849
Sep 02, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressWarsawPrague17$5,399
Sep 05, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg11$4,099
Sep 05, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg14$4,649
Sep 07, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg12$4,349
Sep 11, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest12$4,549
Sep 11, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest14$4,849
Sep 14, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest11$4,299
Sep 16, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressWarsawMunich14$4,249
Sep 16, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressWarsawPrague17$4,799
Sep 19, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg11$3,499
Sep 19, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg14$4,049
Sep 21, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg12$3,749
Sep 25, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest12$3,449
Sep 25, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest14$3,749
Sep 28, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest11$3,199
Sep 30, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressWarsawMunich14$4,649
Sep 30, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressWarsawPrague17$5,199
Oct 05, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg12$4,149
Oct 09, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest12$3,849
Oct 09, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest14$4,149
Oct 12, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest11$3,599
Oct 14, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressWarsawMunich14$4,149
Oct 14, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressWarsawPrague17$4,699
Oct 19, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg12$3,649
Oct 23, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest12$2,649
Oct 23, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest14$2,949
Oct 26, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest11$2,399
Oct 28, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressWarsawMunich14$3,749
Oct 28, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressWarsawPrague17$4,299
Oct 31, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg11$2,999
Oct 31, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg14$3,499
Nov 02, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressBudapestRegensburg12$3,199
Nov 06, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest12$3,199
Nov 06, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest14$3,499
Nov 09, 2019Gate1MS Monarch EmpressRegensburgBudapest11$2,999

Ship Information

  • Maiden Voyage: 2016
  • Length: 360
  • Passenger Capacity: 144
  • Normal Crew Size: 40
  • Staterooms: 72
  • Suites: 8


As specified in each itinerary. Meals are based on the hotel's or restaurant's buffet or set menu. In general, beverages are not included, unless specifically stated. Although Gate 1 cannot make guarantees, every effort will be made to honor special dietary requests submitted in writing at least 72 hours prior to departure.

Age Restrictions

All children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Minimum age for children on escorted tours is 8. Minimum age on Discovery Tours is 12. Minimum age for European River Cruise programs is 16. Minimum age for game drives in Kruger National Park (South Africa) is 12. Minimum age for Uganda programs is 15. Minimum age for Norwegian Cruise Line® is 6 months old and to sail unaccompanied by an adult is 21 years of age. There is no minimum age on independent packages except for the Beijing & Shanghai special programs which have a minimum age of 5. Discounts for children sharing a room as third may apply to children under 12. Most hotels do not permit children under 18 to occupy a room without an adult. Accompanying adults are responsible for the safety of their children including to provide any necessary safety equipment (such as infant/child seats) where appropriate. Please note that many countries have adopted practices to prevent international abductions of children. If a person under the age of 18 years will be travelling with an adult other than his/her parents, or with only one parent, a notarized letter written by the parents, or non-travelling parent, granting authorization to travel, including the dates of travel should be carried.


Complete tipping guidelines are provided with final travel documents and on each program's website presentation, Trip Preparation/At Your Destination section.


Category Cabin E
Square Footage: 140

Category Cabin E

Cabin E features a window, flat screen TV, private bathroom, and hairdryer. Located on the Lower Deck.

Category Cabin D
Square Footage: 150

Category Cabin D

Cabin D features a French balcony, flat screen TV, private bathroom, and hairdryer. Located on the Middle Deck.

Category Cabin C
Square Footage: 170

Category Cabin C

Cabin C features a French balcony, flat screen TV, private bathroom, and hairdryer. Located on the Middle Deck.

Category Cabin B
Square Footage: 150

Category Cabin B

Cabin B features a French balcony, flat screen TV, private bathroom, and hairdryer. Located on the Upper Deck.

Category Cabin A
Square Footage: 170

Category Cabin A

Cabin A features a French balcony, flat screen TV, private bathroom, and hairdryer. Located on the Upper Deck.

Category Suite
Square Footage: 210

Category Suite

The suite features a French balcony, flat screen TV, private bathroom, and hairdryer. Located on the Middle Deck.

Life on Board



Located on the Middle Deck.







Located on the Empress Deck.


Fitness Center

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