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Sail Date Operator Ship Departs Returns Length Price


Nov 30, 2018Avalon WaterwaysIlluminationBudapestNuremberg8$2,249
Dec 01, 2018UniworldSS BeatriceViennaNuremberg8$3,699
Dec 20, 2018U by UniworldThe ABudapestRegensburg8$1,899
Dec 23, 2018UniworldSS Maria TheresaPassauBudapest11$5,299
Dec 27, 2018U by UniworldThe ARegensburgBudapest8$1,899
Mar 13, 2019VikingViking EmblaBudapestAmsterdam15$5,999
Mar 15, 2019VikingViking ViliBudapestPassau8$4,999
Mar 19, 2019VikingViking VeBudapestPassau8$3,399
Mar 20, 2019VikingViking IngviBudapestPassau8$3,399
Mar 22, 2019VikingViking ViliPassauBudapest8$3,399
Mar 31, 2019VikingViking MagniBudapestPassau8$3,399
Apr 02, 2019VikingViking VeBudapestPassau8$3,399
Apr 07, 2019VikingViking PrestigeBudapestPassau8$3,399
Apr 09, 2019Avalon WaterwaysImagery IIBudapestPrague12$3,199
Apr 09, 2019Avalon WaterwaysEnvisionBudapestPrague10$2,669
Apr 10, 2019Gate1Monarch DuchessBudapestAmsterdam16$4,999
Apr 11, 2019Avalon WaterwaysImagery IIBudapestNuremberg8$2,299
Apr 13, 2019Avalon WaterwaysIlluminationViennaBudapest8$1,809
Apr 15, 2019Avalon WaterwaysImpressionAmsterdamBudapest15$5,699
Apr 15, 2019Avalon WaterwaysIlluminationViennaBudapest4$999
Apr 26, 2019Avalon WaterwaysTranquility IIAmsterdamBudapest15$5,999
May 06, 2019UniworldSS BeatricePragueBudapest10$4,499
May 11, 2019Avalon WaterwaysImpressionBudapestVienna8$2,059
May 18, 2019VikingViking SkadiBudapestAmsterdam15$5,999
Jun 02, 2019VikingViking LegendPassauBudapest8$2,999
Jun 05, 2019Gate1Monarch DuchessBudapestAmsterdam16$3,799
Jul 01, 2019Avalon WaterwaysVisionaryViennaBudapest8$2,059
Jul 07, 2019VikingViking AtlaBudapestNuremberg8$2,999
Jul 17, 2019Gate1Monarch GovernessBudapestAmsterdam16$3,999


Apr 01, 2019Avalon WaterwaysArtistry IIAmsterdamAmsterdam8$2,099


Apr 08, 2019Avalon WaterwaysArtistry IIAmsterdamBasel13$4,349


Dec 19, 2018UniworldSS AntoinetteBaselCologne8$3,699
Mar 23, 2019Avalon WaterwaysVistaAmsterdamAmsterdam8$1,999
Mar 23, 2019Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamAmsterdam9$2,749
Mar 25, 2019Avalon WaterwaysArtistry IIAmsterdamAmsterdam8$1,999
Mar 27, 2019VikingViking EmblaAmsterdamBasel8$2,999
Mar 28, 2019VikingViking VidarBaselAmsterdam8$2,899
Mar 29, 2019VikingViking EirAmsterdamBasel8$2,899
Mar 30, 2019Avalon WaterwaysVistaAmsterdamAmsterdam8$2,599
Mar 31, 2019VikingViking BaldurAmsterdamBasel8$2,999
Mar 31, 2019VikingViking KaraBaselAmsterdam8$2,899
Apr 01, 2019Avalon WaterwaysImpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam8$1,849
Apr 02, 2019UniworldRiver EmpressAmsterdamBasel11$3,149
Apr 03, 2019Gate1Monarch GovernessAmsterdamAmsterdam9$2,099
Apr 06, 2019Avalon WaterwaysVistaAmsterdamAmsterdam8$2,699
Apr 08, 2019Avalon WaterwaysImpressionAmsterdamAmsterdam8$2,549
Apr 20, 2019Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamAmsterdam9$3,199
Apr 20, 2019VikingViking TialfiAmsterdamBasel8$3,199
May 01, 2019VikingViking EinarAmsterdamBasel8$3,399
May 07, 2019VikingViking ValiAmsterdamAmsterdam10$4,699
May 12, 2019UniworldRiver EmpressAmsterdamBasel11$4,199
May 25, 2019Gate1Monarch CountessBaselAmsterdam9$2,799
Jun 01, 2019VikingViking TialfiAmsterdamBasel8$3,399
Jun 01, 2019Gate1Monarch CountessAmsterdamBasel9$2,799
Jul 06, 2019Gate1Monarch CountessBaselAmsterdam9$2,699


Mar 19, 2019VikingViking DellingAvignonLyon8$3,499


Dec 20, 2018UniworldSS Joie de VivreParisParis8$2,999
Apr 02, 2019Avalon WaterwaysTapestry IIParisParis8$2,949


May 06, 2019Gate1MS Konstantin FedinMoscowSt. Petersburg13$2,549


Mar 19, 2019VikingViking EmeraldBeijingShanghai14$3,899
Mar 31, 2019VikingViking EmeraldBeijingShanghai14$4,099

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