The Avalon Myanmar delivers an intimate experience that lets you truly engage the locals, experience their culture, and revel in the unique sights along the majestic Irrawaddy. Built by local craftsmen, the ship reflects the character, symbols, and traditions of Myanmar while offering all the modern features today's travelers expect. The innovative design also allows the Avalon Myanmar to cruise the spectacular Upper Irrawaddy throughout the season - a feat not possible on a larger ship.

    • 200

    • Length
    • 2015

    • Built Year
    • 24

    • Crew
    • 36

    • Pax Capacity
    • 18

    • Staterooms


Sail Date Operator Ship Departs Returns Length Price
Apr 17, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$3,659
Aug 27, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$7,259
Sep 06, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$4,759
Sep 06, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$5,649
Sep 09, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$3,929
Sep 09, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$4,839
Sep 16, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$7,259
Sep 26, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$5,759
Sep 26, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$6,819
Sep 29, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$4,929
Sep 29, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$6,009
Oct 06, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$5,039
Oct 09, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$4,209
Oct 16, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$6,039
Oct 19, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,209
Oct 26, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$6,039
Oct 29, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,209
Nov 05, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$6,039
Nov 05, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$7,099
Nov 08, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,209
Nov 08, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$6,289
Nov 15, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$6,039
Nov 18, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,209
Nov 25, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$5,039
Nov 25, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$6,099
Nov 28, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$4,209
Nov 28, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$5,289
Dec 05, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$7,539
Dec 08, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$6,709
Dec 15, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$5,039
Dec 15, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$6,119
Dec 18, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$4,209
Dec 18, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$5,309
Dec 25, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$6,129
Dec 28, 2017Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,209
Jan 04, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$6,109
Jan 04, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$6,849
Jan 07, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,469
Jan 07, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$6,229
Jan 14, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$6,109
Jan 14, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$6,849
Jan 17, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,469
Jan 17, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$6,229
Jan 24, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$6,109
Jan 24, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$6,849
Jan 27, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,469
Jan 27, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$6,229
Feb 03, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$6,109
Feb 03, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$6,849
Feb 06, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,469
Feb 06, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$6,229
Feb 13, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$6,109
Feb 13, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$6,849
Feb 16, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,469
Feb 16, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$6,229
Feb 23, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$6,109
Feb 23, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$6,849
Feb 26, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,469
Feb 26, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$6,229
Mar 05, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$5,299
Mar 05, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$6,039
Mar 08, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$4,659
Mar 08, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$5,419
Mar 15, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$5,299
Mar 15, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$5,929
Mar 18, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$4,659
Mar 18, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$5,309
Mar 25, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$4,939
Mar 25, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$5,569
Mar 28, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$4,299
Mar 28, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$4,949
Apr 04, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$4,939
Apr 04, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$5,569
Apr 07, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$4,299
Apr 07, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$4,949
Apr 14, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$4,939
Apr 14, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$5,569
Apr 17, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$4,299
Apr 17, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$4,949
Aug 27, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$5,559
Aug 27, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$6,189
Aug 30, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$4,919
Aug 30, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$5,569
Sep 06, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$5,559
Sep 06, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$6,189
Sep 09, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$4,919
Sep 09, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$5,569
Sep 16, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$5,559
Sep 16, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$6,189
Sep 19, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$4,919
Sep 19, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$5,569
Sep 26, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$6,259
Sep 26, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$6,889
Sep 29, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,619
Sep 29, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$6,269
Oct 06, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$6,259
Oct 06, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$6,999
Oct 09, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,619
Oct 09, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$6,379
Oct 16, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$6,259
Oct 16, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$6,999
Oct 19, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,619
Oct 19, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$6,379
Oct 26, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$6,259
Oct 26, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$6,999
Oct 29, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,619
Oct 29, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$6,379
Nov 05, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$6,299
Nov 05, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$7,039
Nov 08, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,619
Nov 08, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$6,379
Nov 15, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$6,299
Nov 15, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$7,039
Nov 18, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,619
Nov 18, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$6,379
Nov 25, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$6,299
Nov 25, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$7,039
Nov 28, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,619
Nov 28, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$6,379
Dec 05, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$5,939
Dec 05, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$6,679
Dec 08, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,259
Dec 08, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$6,019
Dec 15, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$5,939
Dec 15, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$6,689
Dec 18, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,259
Dec 18, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$6,029
Dec 25, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$6,299
Dec 25, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon19$7,049
Dec 28, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,619
Dec 28, 2018Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon16$6,389
Jan 04, 2019Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$6,309
Jan 07, 2019Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,659
Jan 14, 2019Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$6,249
Jan 17, 2019Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,659
Jan 24, 2019Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$6,249
Jan 27, 2019Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,659
Feb 03, 2019Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$6,249
Feb 06, 2019Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,659
Feb 13, 2019Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$6,249
Feb 16, 2019Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,659
Feb 23, 2019Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$6,249
Feb 26, 2019Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$5,659
Mar 05, 2019Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$5,419
Mar 08, 2019Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$4,829
Mar 15, 2019Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$5,419
Mar 18, 2019Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$4,829
Mar 25, 2019Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$5,039
Mar 28, 2019Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$4,449
Apr 04, 2019Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$5,039
Apr 07, 2019Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$4,449
Apr 14, 2019Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarBangkokYangon17$5,039
Apr 17, 2019Avalon WaterwaysMyanmarYangonYangon14$4,449

Ship Information

  • Maiden Voyage: 2015
  • Length: 200
  • Passenger Capacity: 36
  • Normal Crew Size: 24
  • Staterooms: 18


All meals become the perfect complement to a day of discovery. Crafted recipes using high-quality, prime-cut beef, fresh fish, and an accompaniment of hand-picked local fruits, vegetables, and garden greens. The perfect complement to your day's journey is a choice of regional fare. Every dinner features a specialty dish from your destination as well as a choice of wine, including a special wine of the region, selected by a professional sommelier and always complimentary. And on each Avalon cruise, a local chef is on board to interact and prepare a special meal, offering a true taste of the culture of your destination.

Age Restrictions

Travelers who are less than 18 years old on the departure date must be accompanied by an adult throughout the duration of the vacation. We do not accept children less than 8 years old on any Avalon Waterways vacations. If a child will be traveling with adults other than the parents or with only one parent, it is recommended that a notarized letter be written by the parents or non-traveling parent granting authorization to travel, including the dates of travel.


Gratuities on board and on land are not included in the cruise price. Tipping is a personal way to show your satisfaction for good service and is always appreciated. It is recommended that tips be paid in cash.


Category B
Square Footage: 245

Category B

Well-appointed Avalon Suites on the Mandalay Deck exude the very spirit of Myanmar. Each suite features 245 square feet of comfortable living space, including a seating area and a Wall-to-Wall Panoramic Window with sliding-glass doors measuring 14-feet wide-so you'll never miss the passing villages, pagodas, and scenic riverscapes. Rest peacefully at night in the luxury of your deluxe Comfort Collection BedSM, wrapped in premium mattress covers, Egyptian super-combed cotton linens, European-style duvets, and soft and firm pillows. You'll also appreciate your large private bathroom with full shower. With no TV or Internet, you'll be able to fully immerse yourself in this remarkable destination. Located on the Irrawaddy Deck.

Category A
Square Footage: 245

Category A

Well-appointed Avalon Suites on the Mandalay Deck exude the very spirit of Myanmar. Each suite features 245 square feet of comfortable living space, including a seating area and a Wall-to-Wall Panoramic Window with sliding-glass doors measuring 14-feet wide-so you'll never miss the passing villages, pagodas, and scenic riverscapes. Rest peacefully at night in the luxury of your deluxe Comfort Collection BedSM, wrapped in premium mattress covers, Egyptian super-combed cotton linens, European-style duvets, and soft and firm pillows. You'll also appreciate your large private bathroom with full shower. With no TV or Internet, you'll be able to fully immerse yourself in this remarkable destination. Located on the Mandalay Deck.

Life on Board



Dining Room

When it comes to dining, you'll savor your destination in more ways than one. Professional chefs will delight your taste buds with regional specialties. Located on the Mandalay Deck.




Get to know your fellow passengers while sipping on your favorite spirits while at the Bar. Located on the Mandalay Deck.


Observation Lounge

Open-air observation lounge with shade system & premium lounge chairs. Located on the Mandalay Deck.


Panorama Lounge

Sit back and relax meeting new friends while having a drink at the lounge. Located on the Mandalay Deck.


Sky Deck

Relax at the Sky deck with premium lounge chairs while taking in the exotic landscape while you cruise to the next stop. Located on the Sky Deck.

Wellness Activities

Wellness Activities

Fitness Center

Stay in shape and keep your heartrate up with Avalon's fully equipped Fitness Center. Located on the Sky Deck.

Wellness Activities


Indulge in rest and relaxation after a long day of exploring. Head to the Spa for a massage. Located on the Sky Deck.

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