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Sail Date Operator Ship Starts From Ends At Length Price
Nov 30, 2015VikingViking RindaParisParis8$1956
Nov 30, 2015ScenicScenic RubyNurembergBudapest8$3445
Nov 30, 2015AmaWaterwaysAW AmaSonataPragueBudapest10$3419
Dec 01, 2015UniworldSS Maria TheresaBudapestPassau8$3299
Dec 01, 2015UniworldRiver PrincessViennaNuremberg8$3199
Dec 01, 2015VikingViking TorgilPortoPorto10$2456
Dec 01, 2015VikingViking HlinAmsterdamBasel8$3106
Dec 01, 2015AmaWaterwaysAW AmaDaraHanoiHo Chi Minh16$5198
Dec 02, 2015UniworldRiver OrchidHo Chi MinhHanoi15$5799
Dec 02, 2015Avalon (Globus)PanoramaPragueVienna9$2369
Dec 02, 2015AmaWaterwaysAW AmaSonataNurembergBudapest8$2899
Dec 02, 2015AmaWaterwaysAW AmaSerenaAmsterdamZurich12$4059
Dec 02, 2015AmaWaterwaysAW AmaSerenaAmsterdamBasel8$2899
Dec 03, 2015VikingViking MandalayBangkokBangkok15$6099
Dec 03, 2015VikingViking IdunParisPrague12$3056
Dec 03, 2015VikingViking MandalayBangkokBangkok15$6099
Dec 03, 2015VikingViking OdinPragueParis12$3056
Dec 03, 2015Avalon (Globus)VistaPragueFrankfurt8$1969
Dec 03, 2015Avalon (Globus)VistaPragueBasel12$3219
Dec 03, 2015AmaWaterwaysAW AmaBellaPragueBudapest10$3419
Dec 03, 2015AmaWaterwaysAW AmaPuraMandalayPyay11$4999
Dec 04, 2015VikingMS Omar El KhayamCairoCairo12$3998
Dec 04, 2015VikingMS MayfairCairoCairo12$3998
Dec 04, 2015VikingViking HemmingPortoPorto10$5456
Dec 04, 2015Avalon (Globus)PanoramaNurembergVienna7$2049
Dec 05, 2015UniworldRiver ToscaCairoCairo12$4899
Dec 05, 2015VikingViking ForsetiBordeauxBordeaux8$1996
Dec 05, 2015VikingViking AlsvinBudapestPassau8$2906
Dec 05, 2015VikingViking SkadiPassauBudapest8$1956
Dec 05, 2015VikingViking FreyaNurembergBudapest8$1996
Dec 05, 2015Avalon (Globus)VistaNurembergFrankfurt6$1649
Dec 05, 2015Avalon (Globus)VistaNurembergBasel10$2899
Dec 05, 2015AmaWaterwaysAW AmaBellaNurembergBudapest8$2899
Dec 05, 2015AmaWaterwaysAW AmaSerenaZurichAmsterdam12$4059
Dec 06, 2015UniworldRiver BaronessParisParis8$2899
Dec 06, 2015UniworldRiver QueenNurembergFrankfurt8$3099
Dec 06, 2015UniworldSS AntoinetteBaselCologne8$3099
Dec 06, 2015UniworldRiver OrchidHanoiHo Chi Minh15$5799
Dec 06, 2015VikingViking BaldurPassauBudapest8$1996
Dec 06, 2015VikingViking PrideParisParis8$1356