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Sail Date Operator Ship Starts From Ends At Length Price
Mar 15, 2015UniworldRiver BaronessParisParis8$3249
Mar 15, 2015UniworldRiver RoyaleBordeauxBordeaux8$2899
Mar 15, 2015UniworldSS CatherineParisAvignon15$7199
Mar 15, 2015UniworldRiver BaronessParisBordeaux15$5999
Mar 15, 2015UniworldSS CatherineParisLyon22$10199
Mar 15, 2015UniworldRiver BaronessParisAvignon15$7199
Mar 15, 2015UniworldSS AntoinetteAmsterdamBasel8$2999
Mar 15, 2015UniworldRiver RoyaleParisBordeaux15$5999
Mar 15, 2015UniworldRiver RoyaleParisLyon22$10199
Mar 15, 2015UniworldRiver BaronessParisLyon22$10199
Mar 18, 2015VikingViking HeimdalParisAvignon15$5761
Mar 18, 2015VikingViking NeptuneParisAvignon15$5761
Mar 18, 2015VikingViking HeimdalAvignonChalon-Sur-Saone8$3406
Mar 20, 2015VikingViking SpiritParisParis8$2856
Mar 21, 2015VikingViking ForsetiBordeauxBordeaux8$3356
Mar 22, 2015VikingViking PrideParisAvignon15$5761
Mar 22, 2015VikingViking BuriParisAvignon15$5761
Mar 22, 2015UniworldRiver BaronessParisParis8$3299
Mar 22, 2015UniworldRiver RoyaleBordeauxBordeaux8$2999
Mar 22, 2015UniworldSS CatherineLyonAvignon8$3199
Mar 22, 2015UniworldRiver BaronessParisBordeaux15$6199
Mar 22, 2015UniworldSS AntoinetteBaselAmsterdam8$3099
Mar 22, 2015UniworldRiver RoyaleParisBordeaux15$6199
Mar 23, 2015VikingViking RindaParisParis8$8756
Mar 23, 2015Avalon (Globus)SceneryCote d'AzurParis11$3399
Mar 23, 2015Avalon (Globus)SceneryCote d'AzurParis16$5209
Mar 23, 2015Avalon (Globus)CreativityCote d'AzurParis16$5209
Mar 24, 2015Avalon (Globus)SceneryArlesChalon-Sur-Saone8$2449
Mar 24, 2015Avalon (Globus)SceneryArlesParis15$4949
Mar 24, 2015Avalon (Globus)CreativityArlesParis15$4949
Mar 24, 2015Avalon (Globus)SceneryParisCote d'Azur16$5209
Mar 24, 2015Avalon (Globus)CreativityParisCote d'Azur16$5209
Mar 24, 2015Avalon (Globus)SceneryParisArles15$4949
Mar 24, 2015Avalon (Globus)CreativityParisArles15$4949
Mar 24, 2015Avalon (Globus)CreativityParisParis8$2449
Mar 25, 2015VikingViking DellingParisAvignon15$5511
Mar 25, 2015VikingViking NeptuneParisAvignon15$5511
Mar 25, 2015VikingViking NeptuneParisParis8$1656
Mar 25, 2015AMAWATERWAYSAW AmaLegroParisParis11$3499
Mar 25, 2015AMAWATERWAYSAW AmaCelloAmsterdamZurich13$3659